Digger Excavating Inc.

Digger Excavating Inc. offers professional excavating services.

Our range of services include: dig & backfill foundations, install septic systems, water lines, sewer lines, pipe lines, grade driveways/roads, ditch cleaning or any dirt work.

Digger Excavating has the expertise to handle both commercial and residential excavating jobs. We are available in Weld, Boulder, Larimer, Morgan, and Adams County in Colorado.

We are fully insured and licensed.

The owner Steve, has over 35 years of experience and a commitment to excellence. With his experienced staff, he promises to deliver professional results at a great rate.

Please call or email for a competitive bid on your next project.

We look forward to getting your next job out of the ground!

Contact Information:


Digger Excavating, Inc
La Salle, Colorado
Phone: 303-834-0435
Fax: 970-284-1119
email: steve@diggerexcavating.com

One comment on “Digger Excavating Inc.

  1. Warren Sitzman says:

    Over the years it has been my pleasure to participate in a mutually beneficial agreement by providing you a close and convenient place to dump your excess fill dirt and at the same time giving me the necessary dirt to fill up a low spot on my property. As you know from my previous telephone contact, I am no longer in the position of accepting any more dirt. Thanks in part to your effort I have finally reach my goal at maintaining a proficient grade to my property. However; if this is still a convenient location for you to dump dirt my neighbor Robert Cordoba stated he would like to have the dirt continued on to his property which shares a property line to the west of mine. If this is something you think would be beneficial please contact him at the telephone number of 970-353-5494 I will leave my fence down so that access to his property can be swift and convenient.
    I will not be part in any type of agreement you have with him as I don’t have any say over his property. I think whatever agreements are worked out would be best between your company and him.
    Again thank you for your time and all your effort .

    Warren Sitzman

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